Having completed this training, you are most likely excited and looking forward to your ordination as a Priestess of Brighid.

This ceremony will be performed during the time of Imbolc when we welcome Brighid to regenerate the land and to regenerate us anew. You will step up into your new role as Priestess/Banríon with the energies of rebirth presiding.

This is a very sacred ceremony which will empower you to embody even more of Goddess Brighid's divine energy so that you emanate her love out into the world.

Once initiated, you will represent Brighid, and in doing so, you hold a very sacred trust.

Banríon, it is now time for your Searmanas Oirnithe, Ordination Ceremony.


2 Sections

5 Lessons: 21.8 mins

In Person/Live Zoom: 3+ hours

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