Fáilte, Welcome

Welcome to the Temple of Brighid Priestess Training

I am honoured to host this sacred space where you will be guided through "a Year and a Day" of deeply transformational embodiment practices in this Temple of Brighid Priestess Training™. This training is open to all who are called, and all who already hold a deep devotion to Brighid in her many forms. 

Brighid is very dear to my heart. It has taken many years of dedicated study since I first experienced channelling Her in 2002, with much learning along the way since then, going through my own deepest healing, as well as the deepening of my connection to Brighid in order to be able to hold space for others to do the same. It has been a wondrous and sometimes painful journey of healing, rediscovery, remembrance, and continued embodiment, but a journey of the deepest fulfilment. I am grateful for every step.

I hope you will enjoy weaving this rich tapestry with me as we co create this sacred Temple dedicated to Bhríde.



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