“And I have been a breath in your heart. And the day has its feet to it that will see me coming into the hearts of men and women like a flame upon dry grass, like a flame of wind in a great wood..."

Winged Destiny:

Studies in the Spiritual History of the Gael’,

Fiona McLeod 1903

Gabhaim Molta Bride! We Praise Brighid


by Carmel Diviney


Yours is the Air that instills the first breath.

Yours is the air that rises with the sweetness of incense and prayer.

Yours is the air that is heady with the scent of roses.  

Gabhaim Molta Bride



Yours is the Fire of a thousand fervent suns.

Yours is the Fire that ignites hearts who burn with love for you.

Yours is the Fire of Holy Desire.

Gabhaim Molta Bride



Yours are the Waters of Life, the rains, the flowing rivers and the deepest seas.

Yours are the sacred wells and starry springs that pour forth wisdom.

Gabhaim Molta Bride



Yours is the fertile Earth.

Yours is the beauty of the flowers, the fruit of the crops and the strength of noble trees.

Gabhaim Molta Bride


Yours is the Realm of the Shining Ones,

The light of the Heavens giving glory to the All.

Yours is the ecstasy of the eternal singing angels. (Sídhe).

Gabhaim Molta Bride


Middle World

Yours is the radiant Centre, the point of light that brings forth harmonious magic.

Gabhaim Molta Bride


Lower World

Yours is the dwelling place of the Loving Ancestors. Yours is the chalice of wisdom and the cauldron that restores the soul.

Gabhaim Molta Bride


Raising the Crann Bile

To you belongs the great Crann Bile, the venerated tree of the tribes.

To you the Holy Tree that holds the cosmic balance.


Gabhaim Molta Bride.

Gabhaim Molta Bride.

Gabhaim Molta Bride.

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