Wild Altar in the Temple of Nature, Bealtaine by the sacred River Boyne.

Welcome the magical energies of Cétsamhain, the more ancient and correct name for the Festival of Bealtaine.

With the weather getting better, I look forward to meeting you out on the land. We will explore the Ogham trees and what medicinal plants can be found this season. I hope we will also be able to hold an outdoor Temple space for ritual practice, explore what we have learnt in our drumming and sacred dance lessons and otherwise have some fun in the sun :)

This module is very comprehensive. We will explore the meaning of Cétsamhain and its traditions, we will begin Channelling Brighid, explore the Sacred Marriage, the ancient Sovereignty Rite of Ireland, Sacred Sexuality, Self Sovereignty, Ancient Egyptian practice, and more!

Welcome to Module 3

20 Lessons -1 hour 11 mins

6 Videos - 24.7 mins

2 Audios - 7.8 mins

Live Zoom Class 3 Hours

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