Welcome to the Autumn Equinox Module, a time when the end of the main harvest activities takes place and the energies of Light and Dark come into balance.

In Northern European traditions, this turning point is honored with a mid-harvest festival known in Wales as Mabon and in Ireland as Clabhsúr meaning closure. Also celebrated at this time in later Christian tradition is the Feast of Archangel Michael, Lá Fhéile Michil ( on 29th Sept), Gwyl Fihangel in Wales, Gouel Sant- Mikael in Brittany. Archangel Michael reveals himself to be the heir of Lugh.

The last of the harvest was celebrated with communal feasting, dancing, and rituals to channel the new energies as the wheel turns once more, this time towards winter. The potency of the last sheaf magically passed into the reaper who then became the figure of ritual significance for the rest of the season.

Our altar will change again to reflect this turning. You might like to include fallen leaves, new candles in autumnal colours of orange, brown, gold, and red etc. Take time to clear your space, set an intention and burn incense as you welcome the change of season. It is a good time to think about what is in balance in your life and what is out of balance, and to use the magic of fire to release what no longer serves you as you prepare to meet the winter months ahead.

11 Lessons 32.16 mins

1 Full Day Workshop 11am -5pm

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